Romano Ravazzini, the founder of UNITEC, whose technical background is in automation for the ceramic industry, started working as an assembler 30 years ago. As he wanted to be a good planner, he was convinced that learning how to assemble an automatic machine with the hands would help him understand its complexity. He has kept this work philosophy so far, thus combining a great skill at planning, simplicity in construction and a constant search for simple and innovative solutions which have distinguished his company.

Meanwhile, UNITEC has not only grown in its company structure UNITEC Automation, but also in people. Significant the arrival of Pierangelo Monti, who has been developing a knowledge about automation in the ceramic industry and in extra-field for the last 30 years. Thanks to him, today UNITEC Automation can offer a wide range of automation in different sectors. It is also able to meet the various requirements of the market with custom-made machines on request. Growth passes through people, guardians of a knowledge that is culture in business.